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Randall FitzGerald


      Randall FitzGerald is a biologist, behavioral ecologist and environmental educator at Montclair State University. He has pursued the art of photography for over 45 years, using many different photographic techniques. His love of the natural environment has permeated both his professional and artistic life, and consequently most of his fine art images reflect the intimacy he enjoys with the natural world.

      Constantly exploring the limits of the media with which he works, Randall continues to push the boundaries of traditional photography to shape the vision he sees. Regardless of the subject matter, Randall strives to create images that illustrate our undeniable connection to the planet and the cultures that have populated it. His goal is to strike the universal cord that is innately present in each of us.

The Prints

      For Randall, photography is a media-springboard for visualizing the world around us. He is not encumbered by the traditional ‘rules’ of photography and readily breaks them to achieve maximum viewer impact. Using a variety of digital techniques to manipulate the pixels he captures with his camera, Randall’s goal is to produce artwork that pleases the eye and move the soul. The original pixels that represent his photographs are pushed, pulled, blurred, stretched, and texturized to create unique, one-of-a-kind pieces of art. Each piece of art is presented by laying down archival pigment on watercolor paper for a 200+ year permanency.

      To see more of Randall’s work, please visit his website at

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