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Laura Dudes


     I worked as a graphic artist for many years. I enjoyed creating printed designs and packaging for many companies including M&M Mars, Crayola and BASF. I even had some of my work sell in Macy's.

     I started painting in 2015. I had not picked up a paint brush since a life class that I was fortunate to have at the Art Institute of Philadelphia when she was a student. The transition was easy. Working in design and Photoshop had trained her eye but I had to learn how to use paint again.

     I don't have a specific philosophy when it comes to my fine art. I get many ideas and it is fun not to have parameters like I did working in graphics. Although I enjoyed that too. I think my work reflects my graphic background and I am happy for it. Design and composition are very important and I feel mine is pushed and enhanced because of my previous work. I enjoy bright, dynamic color. I want art to catch the eye and brighten the mood. I work in acrylic and have discovered and created many techniques working in modeling paste and gels which are very textured and dimensional. I hope to show the viewer something they may have never seen before.

     My newest work focuses on experiences and challenges that I think we all can relate to. I use acrylic paint to express an idea in an abstract design. I then place the most basic human form into the composition. My hope is that by doing this, the viewer can imagine or remember themselves in the scene and situation.

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