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Laura Lippay


Laura’s art welcomes the overactive imagination; the invitation to glimpse our surroundings with exaggerated color and curiosity, and to see the world through the eyes of someone who can't get enough of it. She interprets the world around her with mysticism, fascination and as if just a tiny bit of that acid trip never really ended. Friends have called her "all the colors in a Crayola box" and "beautifully macabre", and her art "colorful", “bold” and "eclectic". Much of her creative side is fueled by running around in the woods, seeking deathly stories in the desert, spending time in cities and small towns around the world, being inspired by rebellious and magnificent people, and constantly exploring the edges.


Born in Texas, and raised in the Poconos, Laura has spent much of her life road-tripping, traveling domestic and abroad, spent two years living on a train performing with Ringling, 18 years working for tech giants in Silicon Valley, and finally in 2018 she zig-zagged her way back home to Pennsylvania in an Airstream converted into a traveling art studio, and threw herself wholly into creating art.


Laura holds a degree in Specialized Technology from the Art Institute of Philadelphia, and has received a variety of art instruction via advertising design studies, graphic design studies, and select courses from the Tyler School of Art and Architecture in Philadelphia. She works primarily with oil, sometimes in acrylic, and also creates jewelry and resin pieces.


In addition to the Artery Gallery in Milford, Laura often exhibits at Gamut Art Gallery in the Pocono Mountains, and won honorary mentions for her submissions to her first shows at the Pocono Arts Council shows in 2018.

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