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Scott Helfand


Scott is a retired educator, having spent more than thirty years as a teacher of history, supervisor of Art and Social Studies and as a building administrator.  He has a deep affinity for working with his hands, and learning new ways to create both aesthetic and functional art.  He especially enjoys using heat and fire to  refine raw materials such as clay, glass, and steel, and marrying them with wood.  Scott strives to create functional works of art that highlight the raw aesthetics of pottery, the rustic beauty of steel and wood, the natural patina of oxidizing steel, and the radiance of glass. Scott has been making pottery for more than twenty years, and loves to explore new techniques for working with clay.  He works with fused glass and has been experimenting with techniques that allow him to repurpose glass bottles.  He has been fabricating tables: welding bases from steel tubing and using live edge slabs for the table tops.

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