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Andrew Tedesco is a contemporary photographer and artist. He received a

Bachelor of Arts with a concentration in photography from the University of North

Florida. In addition, Post Baccalaureate studies were done at the University of

Florida in digital and 4 x5 view camera photography. His photography ranges from

contemporary urban and city landscapes to collage. The collage works have

influences from the Surrealism and Dadaism movements and are a fusion of industrial circuitry and metal elements woven with organic human, plant, and

animal imagery. In addition to his photographic work, Andrew works on his

paintings and sculptures. These works are modern abstracts of sorts.

Andrew currently resides in Sussex County, NJ. He has been involved in the arts for over 30 years. Some of his works have been shown in local restaurants, the Sussex County Arts and Heritage Council Gallery, Warren County CommunityCollege, pop up art shows in Andover Borough, NJ, and now at The Artery Gallery

in Milford, PA.

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