Helen Hwang

      Helen Hwang’s work is filled with the essence of the flowers and nature that she loves so much. She gently expresses her revelations in the form of flowers, hills, open fields, low mountain ridges, brooks, and trees on a natural backdrop. She always takes a relaxed approach to her subjects and becomes freshly inspired, regarding them with both undemanding serenity and earnest fondness.

      She expresses landscapes in an exceptionally simple, pure style. By taking close interest in the images and forms seen in her subjects and absorbing them, she subconsciously conveys the innate poetry of her subject matter, exemplified by her delicate brushstrokes.

Hwang has built her reputation as a capable artist under the wide-ranging tutelage of Lee Dong Il. She not only built a strong basic foundation through high-intensity study, but also produced a vast collection of over 2,000 works over the course of a decade. They are a result of her communion with art, which are supported by her deep meditations as well as her desire to paint from a young age. Her work has been shown in solo and group exhibits in Seoul, South Korea. Hwang relocated to the tri-state area in 2018.

210 Broad Street, Milford PA 18337 • 570-409-1234   Hours: Thursday thru Saturday & Monday 10am - 6pm  Sunday 10am - 5pm

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