Featured Show

     The gallery celebrates Spring with its annual exhibit "Art in Bloom", a collaborative project with the Milford Garden Club.  Each garden club member interprets a piece of art by one of the gallery members with real or artificial flowers and all manner of accessories with the result being truly delightful when viewed side by side.  Sometimes it's hard to imagine what in the world these gardeners and floral arrangers will come up with, but they always amaze with their creativity and imagination.  Come see this wonderful and anticipated exhibit from May 6 - June 7.  We welcome you to join us at the wine and cheese reception on Saturday, May 8 from 6 - 9 pm.

210 Broad Street, Milford PA 18337 • 570-409-1234   Hours: Thursday thru Saturday & Monday 10am - 6pm  Sunday 10am - 5pm

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