This Month's Feature Show

 Works by Liza J Smith-Simpson

 Works by Helen Yeoshin Hwang

The Artery Gallery in Milford PA is proud to present its newest exhibit "In Our Travels" featuring the works of Helen Yeoshin Hwang and Liza J Smith-Simpson. This exhibit is a collection of works in acrylic, oil, collage, abstract, painted glass and delicate watercolors. It can be described as a delightful representation of the land, sea, sky and everything in between.  Find out what they have discovered in their travels.  The moods are set with their use of light and shadows.  Enjoy the view of a peaceful marsh or a cheerful floral.  Travel along on a quiet path where the turkey and deer rest. Both artists creations tell of their love for natural subjects, delighting the viewer with lovely representations of the land, sea, sky and everything in between. 

     Helen Yeoshin Hwang, an Asian artist (that is one who practices Asian art) enjoys capturing trees and florals in an elegant or stately style. Helen began her love of nature as a child in Korea.  She has received numerous awards for her ink and watercolor paintings of landscapes and flowers on paper.  She communes with the many flowers, natural entities and mountains and then brings them gracefully to the page.  Her paintings implement traditional India ink designs on rice paper, but with a unique modern feel.  In her lovely ink and watercolor paintings of trees on rice paper, she captures their special personalities and titles them to reflect the emotions she wishes to elicit through them.  She has also ventured away from this style to experiment with geometric abstracts and line drawings. Helen has transcended the skill of representing the forms of her subjects to the level of depicting their essence and spirit.  As an example, you can see in the many brushstrokes that there is a sense that she is communicating with them in the process, as she molds them to be as delicate as they are.

     Liza J. Smith-Simpson constructs both collage abstracts and lyrical landscapes with a rich and interesting color palette. In this show she is focusing more on florals and fauna in either abstract or in landscapes. She uses a variety of substrates, mediums and styles interchangeably. With a great love and respect for the grandeur of the world around her, she derives her subject matter from the places she has visited and places she would like to visit.  Liza started painting as did Helen, at an early age.  Liza grew up with an artist Mom and Aunt's. During the late 80's and 90's she studied watercolor, design and drawing with Hyo Chong Yoo at Upsala College.  Her paintings have been exhibited widely and have received numerous awards. The Flight Path series that she created continues on in this show.  Her abstracts are of a story telling nature that takes the viewer on a journey through space as if they were the pilot. Liza also paints miniature paintings, paintings in reverse on glass and then skillfully makes them into a necklace, bookmark or bracelet. 

     Both artists' works will leave you with a strong emotional response.  Whether it be contemplative, peaceful or cheerful.  The visitors will find paintings that will speak to them.   The gallery invites the public to join them at the reception on Saturday, September 11 

from 6-9 pm for refreshments and to meet the artists.

Exhibit dates: September 9 - October 4