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An artist cooperative in beautiful Milford PA. Our open space gallery has a diverse collection. Oil, acrylic and watercolor paintings, photography, sculpture, ceramics and jewelry are some of the unique pieces you will see. Our friendly gallery has one of a kind gifts and creative works for you home. Come see us!

Check out this great video about the town of Milford.

Open Show Is Back!

“Celebrating the Arts” Juried Regional Open Art and Fine Craft Exhibit

The ARTery Fine Art and Fine Craft Gallery LLC invites submissions to “Celebrating the Arts” regional juried exhibit and sale from mid-March through April 2024. Open to all forms of art and craft, including jewelry. This special exhibit will showcase the best fine arts and fine crafts that the region has to offer. A cooperative, member owned and operated gallery which proudly boasts over 25 years in the heart of charming downtown Milford, PA, The ARTery will be opening its space to non-members for this juried show of regional professional and emerging artists.

2024 Juried Open ExhibitAccepted Works:

Arden – Spirit Hemlock
Arden – Story of Moss
Abramov – Night
Abramov – Sunflowers
Blake – Magnolia
Blake – Cloudy
Butler – Searchlight
Butler – Spring Flower
Barboni – Boscobel Birch
Bosua – Farm to Table
Bosua – Road Less…
Boyle – Lady Amanda (mushroom)
Boyle – Lady Priscilla
Brown – Glamor Girl
Bidermann – Beavers Cut
Chapman Dan – Mt Katada
Citak – On the Path
Citak – Still Wilderness
Clemente – Another 191…
Chapman Toni – Moonlight
Cooney – Rooster
Dimeno – Peek at Venice
DeLeeuw – Infanta…
DeLeeuw – Dreaming of…
Davis – Untouched
Drumming – Heron
Drumming – Tulip
Dziomba – Fishful thinking
Dziomba  - Hangin…
Dickerson – Paris Rooftops
Feldman – stained glass
Fedchin – Can’t Go Home
Fedchin – Abandoned Colorforms
Garstak – Shirley and Allen
Gallo – Up the Road
Gallo – Icy Winter Path
Gardens of Glass – Tabletop Lily
Gardens of Glass – Kraken
Hewston – Periwinkle Dream
Hewston – Autumn Shawl

Hodgkins – Heron
Hodgkins – Hummingbird
Harden – Garden Gate
Harden – Making Hay
Helwig – Lily
Helwig - Woodpecker
Hancock – Mild Around Woods
Lobbreght – Graffiti
Lowry Lippert – Imagine
Lowry Lippert – Indian Corn
Lumpkin – Tigress

LeRoy – Art Is Magic

Maher – In the Pines

Moore – Sunset Serenity

Montana – Grandmothers…

Montana – Nourish…

Montana – Regal

McDonald – Floating

McDonald – Moose…


McCaffrey – Ascension
Morsef – Autumn in Leland
McKay – Iceland Pine Needles
Miiler – Delaware Morning
Muttee – horse
Muttee - Mushrooms
Newman – Amulet Bag
Newman – Necklace
Newman – Earrings
Niski – Black Gold Vase
Niski – Blue Marble
Oakes – Head in Clouds
Potter – Oak Root
Potter – Live Edge Table
Potter – Cedar Lamp
Pinchot – Resin Horse
Peek – Owl dish
Peek – Rabbit dish
Pastor – Mediteranean Bells
Pastor – Pretty Pink
Pizzano – Rusty
Pizzano – Bubbles
Pearl – Atlantic Highlands
Pearl – Cloud Cover

Provenzano – Gateway to Heaven
Quinn – Light Beyond
Quinn – Dragon Heads
Redlich – Surfing…
Rideout – Soon a hungry…
Rideout – All for Naughilus
Richards – Decomposition 24
Richards – Ice on Delaware 1
Roes – Psychedelic Ruby
Roes – All Gone
Roth – Like Being…
Shaw – img3950
Shaw – img4373
Smith – Love
Savo – Wild Ride
Savo – Ancient Tree
Savo – Saturday Morn
Stevenson – Blossoming Beauty
Stevenson – Magnolia
Shivers – Aquarius
Swerzie – Ladies in Polka Dots
Swerzie – Girls Night…
Stack – Desert Sun
Stack – Whorls
Schwartz – Ironic Alter
Schwartz – Georgia…
Toscano – These Boots…
Uhr – Lavender Sunset
Vermazen – Trees
Weber – Happy Harry
Weinstock – Woman of…
Wirths – On the Sawkill
Wirths – Easy Path
Wilson – Orchids
Zhirkovich – Power Touch
Zentner – 3D Grid


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